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Huntly Museum Marketing Proposal


The following proposal outlines potential avenues on how we can work together to market and promote the Huntly Museum for building engagement and awareness of the museum, generating interest in the museum, community and local iwi involvement, and potential future revenue. 

This proposal is designed to reflect and showcase my experience and skill set while conveying the proposed work ahead together. I have also included links to previous work to give a broader understanding.


The current website displays the information with a focus on both the new museum opening in the train station and the pop-up on Main Street. 

Due to the unfortunate situation regarding the station, I would recommend merging the two focuses of the site into one – the museum, whether that’s as a pop-up or in the train station. I would do this by making a homepage with links to other pages within the site. This allows any public-facing information to be cohesive under the Huntly Museum branding. It also allows to easily convey specific information within any marketing campaign by sending the audience directly to the information. 

I would also take a further step away from the Waikato Coalfields Museum by changing the domain name. I’m the admin for the Discover Huntly site currently on the domain. For the minimum cost of only having to contribute to hosting, I can host the website on the domain 

Screenshot of the current website on
Since the new museum has had an unfortunate set back, I would refresh the site so it had focus on the museum overall.

Social Media

The Facebook page currently has 2.4k followers who are likely to view posts. For any campaigns on the page, I would first focus on raising engagement levels on the page. Getting people to engage with posts lifts future posts in their algorithm, this raises our chances of future posts being seen by more of the current followers. Once we have raised the engagement levels on the page I would recommend paying a small amount of money to boost posts to new followers. 

I would also recommend creating an Instagram account for the museum. While the posts would match the ones posted on Facebook, the two platforms have different demographics and our posts would be more likely to reach a younger audience. 

Screenshot of the Facebook page.
I would change the profile and cover pics to align with the website and give the “Huntly Stories” campagin its own page on the site.


I really like the change from Waikato Coalfields Museum to Huntly Museum and that the miner has stayed after the change. 

I would recommend we continue to use the miner more throughout any campaigns and information. For the website I created a vector version which can be scaled to any size without affecting the quality and removing the background, allowing him to be featured in more places. 

If he doesn’t have one yet, I recommend we give him a name and make him the “official” face of the museum with the aim of turning him into Huntly’s own version of Mr. Foursquare. He also has a rich history himself, having been a part of the museum for at least the last 25 years. I even remember him from visiting the museum as a child.

WEL Project

I love the idea of getting stories from local iwi to preserve their history and having interactive elements within their display. I have film experience and would love to get behind the camera to record their stories. 

To do this we need to collect their stories and have them willing to share. I believe respectfully approaching them directly would be the best way to connect with them. However, a dedicated branded campaign through social media and in person would convey our respect we have towards their stories, show that we’re serious, and provide an easy way to access information about the project.


To address the marketing for Huntly Museum I would first recommend creating a Communication Strategy – a working document that outlines the museum with a marketing and public-facing focus. The document would constantly be evolving and changing, reflecting the hard work continuing in the museum.

A communication strategy for the museum would ideally feature:

  • SWOT Analysis of the Huntly Museum to better establish the best marketing strategies for any campaigns. 
  • Marketing Initiatives that work towards achieving the goals of the museum. These form the basis of any marketing campaign, providing the metrics to measure and aim towards.
  • A Buyer Persona or two representing the museum’s ideal target demographic.
  • A Competitive Analysis, not necessarily of other museums in the area, but of other things that may take up the museum’s ideal demographics attention.
  • An ever-growing collection of communication material that can be used at later dates. These can include historical facts that can be turned into social media posts or interactive elements on the website. 

The communication strategy would be used as a tool for any future marketing campaigns, providing a basis for public-facing information that can easily be packaged into marketing material.

I would recommend running multiple small campaigns on social media to encourage engagement from the community either in person, on the website, on social media, or by subscribing to the newsletter. I would couple this with a bigger campaign promoting the membership and donations towards the train station. 

I would also research the cost involved in marketing through printed media like The Chatter and potentially posters in school offices. 

To better understand the type of small campaigns that can be run on social media, I have included a marketing strategy for a potential campaign to encourage people to visit the pop-up museum. 

Easy Campaign Idea

Product (what the people viewing the marketing will get out of following through with what is advertised.)
A visit to the museum to find out the answer to a question they would have been asked throughout the campaign.

Price (how much following through with what’s advertised is going to cost people.)
Admission to the pop-up and getting the answer is free, although a donation would be appreciated. The campaign aims to encourage engagement with the museum. Hopefully, with enough engagement, it will lead to a rise in membership numbers. 

Promotion (how it is going to be advertised.)
The promotion can be marketed predominantly through the Facebook page while having slightly modified versions for the website, the Discover Huntly website, and potentially The Chatter Newspaper. 
Social media posts for the campaign would feature an image of a part of town with a caption asking the audience a question relating to the image.
An example would be a picture of the Deka sign with the caption – “When was the D*E*K*A sign first installed? Find out at the Huntly Museum Pop-up, 148 Main Street, Huntly.” Another example would be a picture of the Huntly Power Station with the caption – “When was the Huntly Power Station built? Find out at the Huntly Museum Pop-up, 148 Main Street, Huntly.”

People (who and how are they going to run the campaign.)
I have a collection of Huntly photos taken by myself and can add the question to the photo allowing more freedom within the caption. I would create a handful and post a different one each week. Another copy of the photo would have the answer added to it, printed, and displayed somewhere in the museum. I would display the answer like this due to limited space and to stop staff from having to answer the same question over and over for a week. 

Process (how people are going to get what is advertised to them.)
Once people have seen the post with the question and if they are interested enough and in town, they will be able to come into the museum if it is open (hours would be included in the posts). If people are not able to come into the museum the answer to the question would be posted with the next question. 

Physical Evidence (Where people will find the thing they’ve been advertised.)
People will be able to find the answer tucked behind the corner of the museum. Putting the answer here means people are having to walk through the whole museum and out again, giving them time to look around at what’s on display. 

Budget (how much is the campaign going to cost.)
Other than the labour involved in printing the answers and creating the posts, (posts can be loaded in advance and posted automatically), everything else is free. However, if we ever wanted to target new followers to the page, I would recommend using this campaign for any paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram.

An example of what posts could look like within the campaign.

CV & Experience

This site acts as my CV for any potential projects. Feel free to visit the rest of the site for other examples of my work.

I have recent gained a degree in communication from Wintec and have been working with other local community projects for a few years now. 
If you would like to know more about my previous experience, please feel free to contact me. 

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