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Refreshed Booking Process & Marketing Proposal


With Kim Bredenbeck’s decision to step away from the bookings, I am proposing to take over the role while marketing the hall and refreshing the booking process through the use of the Discover Huntly website.

The following outlines the proposed changes to the booking process and marketing strategies. 

These changes aim to make finding the information and the booking process easier for Raahui Pookeka/Huntly locals while allowing Kim to step away and her hard work to continue.

Current Process

Under the current process, people wishing to make bookings contact Kim through the Huntly War Memorial Hall Facebook page to enquire about availability. From here, Kim confirms the availability and replies back with confirmation and applicants are then sent the form to be filled out. Once the form has been completed and handed back with the deposit, the booking is made. 

The access card is then processed and made available for the applicant to pick up.

Facebook page for the hall which is currently being used as the main communication avenue for the hall. 

Proposed Refreshed Booking Process

There is currently a page on the Discover Huntly website that features 360 pictures of the hall (taken within the last three years) and a short paragraph explaining the hall.

I’m proposing to run the page as a booking platform by providing an online form and event calendar for locals to use. The online form would be able to reflect the printed version while also calculating a price at the end depending on the options chosen.

Once filled out, an email would be sent to the customer confirming their booking and informing them again of the deposit process and that their booking isn’t finalised until it’s completed.

Another email would be sent to me with their information from the form. Once the deposit has been paid I would update the calendar to show the booking and process the keycard. I am available to be at the hall on Thursdays to process the cards and am able to maintain the booking process remotely.

The access card is then processed and made available for the applicant to pick up.

Current Huntly War Memorial Hall page
on the Discover Huntly website.

Basic example of the online form


Along with the booking process, the page would feature information and up-to-date photos of the hall. I would also make use of the current Facebook page, making posts about events. Without going into too much detail and using photos with permission, these posts would aim to further promote the hall as a venue to locals. I also have access to the Facebook page for the Discover Huntly website, posts for the hall would be shared to this page, broadening the reach. 

I would create a marketing strategy for the hall to ensure any campaigns stay focused and meet their desired targets. This strategy would include marketing material and be signed off by the community before being launched.

Facebook page for the Discover Huntly website which would feature posts about the Memorial Hall.


While Facebook is a free-to-use platform, it does provide paid advertising. However, I would focus on gaining new followers, and therefore potential new customers, organically without the need for paid advertising by sharing and engaging with other local organisations on the platform.

The cost of the Discover Huntly is currently being covered by The Waikato Enterprise Agency. While a contribution to the costs would be appreciated, the only other costs involved would be labour costs involved with the booking system. There would be a minimal set up cost of $250 to create the booking form and calendar.

This makes labour the biggest cost involved with this proposal. 15% of each booking would cover the labour proposed, which includes per booking: receiving and processing the hire application, adding the finalised booking to the online calendar, processing and handing out keycards, and maintaining engagement and communication with existing and potential hall users.

This covers the on-going labour costs involved in this proposal.

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